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General Information

CMAA provides: 

Leading edge professional development that empowers future school site leaders.

An inclusive and accepting professional environment for all people and for all forms of diversity.

Powerful networking opportunities which connect our members to other influential school leaders, union leaders, and senior district leadership. 

Scholarships to LAUSD high school seniors to facilitate access to higher education.


CMAA Beliefs


We believe that it is our moral imperative to develop leadership by nurturing, supporting, and mentoring our members.

Quality of Education

We believe in the right of all students to receive the highest quality educational program.

Cultural Diversity

We believe in the importance of acknowledging the richness and value of all cultures and of diversity in all its forms. 

Political Advocacy 

We believe in active participation in the political arena that is sensitive to our community, of our members, and Latin X students. 

Communication/ Teamwork

We believe that a strong communication system is vital in order to maintain the visibility and growth of the organization. 


We believe that by working collaboratively our goals will be accomplished.


We believe that all members are responsible and accountable for the successful implementation of the strategic plan.