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Become A Member

Why Become a Member?

CMAA is a leading professional organization that believes that leadership is at the core of school improvement.

CMAA believes in providing leading edge professional development that empowers future school site leaders.

CMAA is inclusive and accepting of all people and of all forms of diversity.

CMAA events are powerful networking opportunities which connect our members to other influential school leaders, union leaders, and senior district leadership. 

CMAA is an organization that believes in our students and supports them through scholarships for higher education.   

Membership Guidelines

Regular members must be serving as a certificated administrator or classified manager.

Associate members are LAUSD employees who are interested in moving into administration or management. 

Membership is open to all school employees, with no regards to race, religion, or ethnic group. 

Become A Member

Complete the membership form

and Pay the $150 membership dues annually through a check (Payable to CMAA) and school mailed to :

Adriana Cortez, Principal Theresa Hughes Elementary School 

OR request a $15 a month for 10 months a year salary deduction when you complete the membership form.

***You have to be logged in to your LAUSD Google account in order to access the membership form.  Click here for the instructions from ITD.  Call ITD at (213) 241-5200 if you are still have difficulty creating the account.  ***