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Scholarship Fund


CMAA believes in the right of all students to receive the highest quality educational program.  Our scholarships help to remove barriers to higher education for our scholarship recipients.  CMAA Scholarships are funded by the dues of our generous members and contributions from individuals and organizations committed to supporting our Latin X youth.  Please join us in our commitment to building a better future and donate to the CMAA Scholarship Fund.


Mail your checks, made out to CMAA to: 

Adriana Cortez (CMAA Treasurer)

4242 Clara St.

Cudahy, CA 90201

2021 SCHOLARSHIP Recipients


Local District Northeast:     Superintendent Andres Chait

Maribel Arzamendi-Tabares   Panorama High School

David Zelayandia                   Panorama High School

Diego Silva                             Polytechnic High School

Yadira Castillo                       Grant High School


Local District Northwest:    Superintendent Joseph Nacorda

Jesus Gonzalez                       Northridge Academy High School

Harol Guerra                           Reseda Charter High

Naomi Escobar                       James Monroe High School

Katherine Martinez                 Canoga Park High


Local District Central:         Superintendent Frances Baez

Carla Quintanilla Rodriguez   West Adams Preparatory High School

Andy Gonzalez Rodriguez     Foshay Learning Center

Anthony Ortega                      John Marshal High School

Alisson Moreno Rivas            Manual Arts Senior High School


Local District East:               Superintendent Jose P. Huerta

Leslie Quintan                        Maywood High School

Jose Rosales                            Bell High School

Saleen Cabrera                        South Gate High School

Bryan Garcia                           Garfield High School


Local District West:             Superintendent Dr. Adaina Brown

Stephanie Ayala                      Alexander Hamilton Senior High School

Taiz Aguilar                           Helen Bernstein High School

Julianna Barrenos                  Fairfax High School

Sara Dolmo Arriola                Washington Preparatory High School


Local District South:            Superintendent Michael Romero

Andrew Ramirez                    Nathaniel Narbonne High School

Jasmin Mena                           Phineas Banning High School

Iliana Nava                             King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine

Allison Serrano                       John C. Fremont Senior High School

Juan Villanueva                      Gardena High School


Continuation High School Recipients: Superintendent Jose P. Huerta

Artemio Reyes Orta                                  East Los Angeles Occupational Center


Continuation High School Recipients: Superintendent Andres Chait

Lily Fuentes                                              Cal Burke High School